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Animal Transporter Authorisations

Change to the renewal process – Type 1 authorisations

Please note that from 1 October 2016, existing short journey  transporter authorisations (Type 1) will not renew automatically. Instead, all applicants must reapply for authorisation by completing form WIT55 and submit this for their authorisation to be renewed before their existing authorisation expires. Transporters who allow their previous type 1 transporter authorisation to lapse by more than 4 months will be classed as a new applicant and should complete the WIT01 form.

Type 1 transporter authorisations are required for those transporting animals, as part of an economic activity, on journeys over 65km (40 miles appx) and up to 8 hours in duration. These include farmers, livestock and poultry hauliers, and those who move horses in connection with professional riding, livery and stabling.

A significant number of transporter authorisations (valid for 5 years) were renewed in 2012, which means that they will be due for renewal again in 2017. Transporters are therefore urged to apply for renewal at the earliest possible opportunity to ensure their continued authorisation. Please check your current authorisation documents which have expiry dates printed on them. It is the individual’s responsibility to apply for renewal and failure to do so risks heavy penalties if found to be operating without valid authorisation.

Type 2 authorisations

The other type of authorisation available is a long journey (Type 2) for all journeys over 65km including those that exceed 8 hours duration. Please complete form WIT02 and submit to the Animal and Plant Health agency (APHA) by post or email as detailed in Part 3 of the application form.

If you would like any further assistance with either type of authorisation, please contact us here at CARA on 01570 471516.