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Small Grants Efficiency

The 3rd Expression of Interest (EOI) window for Small Grants -Efficiency is 06 March to 16 April 2024.

This  is a capital scheme designed to help farmers in Wales to improve the technical, financial and environmental performance of their farm businesses.

The maximum grant award is £15,000 and the minimum is £1,000.

Previous participation in the Farm Business Grant or any previous rounds of the Small Grants Efficiency Scheme will not affect your ability to apply for the maximum £15,000 grant.

The grant provides a maximum 40% contribution towards capital investments in equipment and machinery (excluding VAT), which can be demonstrated as offering clear and quantifiable benefits to farm businesses.

The grant will be a maximum 40% contribution against actual invoiced costs up to the maximum referenced costs as stated within the list of eligible capital items.

To view the Rules Booklet, and a detailed list of Eligible Capital Items, please click here

The EOI is only available  on your RPW Online account. If you require further assistance with your application, please contact us here at CARA on 01570 471516 or email office@carawales.co.uk