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Control of Agricultural Pollution (Wales) Regulations 2021

From 01 January 2023, a number of added measures include:-

  • Risk maps – these must be produced and maintained if you intend to spread manure and/or slurry on the holding. Maps should highlight areas on which spreading may cause a pollution risk,  including buffer zones, surface water and boreholes.
  • Storage of Organic manure  – other than slurry, this must be stored in a vessel; covered building; on an impermeable surface; or a temporary field heap. Field heaps must be recorded on the risk map.
  • Import/export of manure  – any manure imported/exported onto/off the holding must be recorded.
  • Fertiliser Applications & Field Limits – fertiliser applied must not exceed specified crop limits, and the total amount of nitrogen in organic manure spread per Hectare on the holding  must not exceed 250kg for any 12-month rolling period.
  • Records – a Nitrogen Management Plan must be established and records kept  for any nitrogen fertiliser application.

Please refer to the full guidance available from Welsh Government via the following link:-


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