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Agriculture Diversification Scheme (ADS)

The ADS (Window 2) is a capital grant scheme available to farmers in Wales. The Expression of Interest (EoI) is now open and will close on 12 January 2024. The objectives of the scheme are to:-

• support the establishment of new viable agricultural diversification enterprises on farms.
• support the development of existing novel or niche enterprises.
• build resilience into Welsh agriculture by developing diversified income streams.
• reduce the reliance on traditional agricultural enterprises.
• respond to new market opportunities and develop new markets.

Support is provided for projects that meet the following criteria only:
the development of existing, or establishment of new agricultural livestock enterprises that are not traditional enterprises in Wales

  • the growing of novel or alternative crops

The maximum grant award is £100,000 and the minimum is £3,000. It provides a maximum 40% contribution (against actual invoiced costs)  towards capital investments (excluding VAT), which can be demonstrated as offering clear and quantifiable benefits to farm businesses.

Your application may exceed the maximum grant, if selected, the related claim is capped to the maximum £100,000. You must be able to complete and claim all Capital Works items by 31 March 2025.

For further detailed information on the Scheme, please follow the link below:-

ADS Rules Booklet

If you would like further assistance with your application, please contact us here at CARA on 01570 471516 or by email on ofice@carawales.co.uk