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Small Grants Environment (New Hedgerows)

The Expression of Interest (EOI) window for Small Grants -Environment is 09 January to 17 February 2023 (extended to 03 March 2023).

This round of Small Grants -Environment will address the theme of Hedgerow creation, and is a standalone scheme providing a maximum of £7,500 funding per business for Capital Works Projects.

The Hedgerow creation option is eligible in the following locations:

  • Along existing field boundaries where no hedgerow had previously been located.
  • Within fields, to establish new boundaries.
  • On hedge banks (earth banked and stone-faced earth banks) where no woody hedge plant remnants exist along the entire length to be planted.
  • On existing hedge banks where some woody hedge plant remnants exist. (There would be substantial gaps between these remnants, and they would not be subject to mechanical trimming)
  • On existing hedge banks where there are some existing mature trees that are retained. (Not a continuous row of trees)
  • To plant gaps within existing hedgerows which are 20m or longer.

This option is not eligible where:

  • There are continuous woody hedge plants along the whole length of the proposed planting area.
  • There is a continuous row of existing mature trees.
  • Existing remnants of a hedge have been mechanically cut or trimmed to maintain a hedgerow feature.
  • To plant gaps within existing hedgerows which are less than 20m.

New fencing will only be paid where it protects a newly planted section of hedgerow.

Capital Works projects must be claimed for and submitted with before and after geo-tagged photos by 31/03/2024.

To view the Rules Booklet, please click here

and for Rates of Payment please click here

The EOI is only available on your RPW Online account. If you require further assistance with your application, please contact us here at CARA on 01570 471516 or email office@carawales.co.uk