Welcome to CARA Wales, agricultural and rural consultancy and advice. We offer an individual, unbiased and efficient service to help move your business forward.


Technical & Financial Advice

  • Consultants providing financial and practical advice to achieve more from your farming business. Our team is ready to help you assess your business finances and technical performance and identify areas to improve profitability.
  • We also have specialists to help you in:
  • Business development – Securing the future through strategic planning, succession advice and restructuring.
  • Investment Planning – Assessing capital investment opportunities, land purchases, building expansion, off-farm investments.
  • Single Payment Scheme and environmental application advice.
  • Cashflows, budgets and Fixed cost management and utilisation of resources and cost control.
  • Benchmarking and information of industry changes.
  • Nutrition- Advice on feeding and tailored nutrition programmes to drive cow performance.
  • Forage analysis services to maximise forage utilisation and assess the full potential of feed.
  • Dairy costings – recognise that technical decisions have a significant impact on farm profitabiity.
  • Resource management – crop fertiliser planning to ensure high performing grazing platforms and arable crops.
  • Maximise the use of manure and unlock the full potential from your soils with management plans matched to your analysis results.
  • Data – help to analyse herd recording data to assess areas of improvement such as fertility and milk quality.

Many of the services offered above can be delivered with Farming Connect funding. Ring CARA to find out more!